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Our customers know by working with Finteract they are future proofing their operation. We work with some of the world’s foremost companies in financial services, retail, service sector and related industries.

Proud Partner – Intelligent Environments

Why Intelligent Environments’ Solutions?

  • Established 1985, is an Independent provider of secure digital solutions to the International marketplace
  • 150 employees, based in the UK, Ireland and Australia
  • Partnership programme includes leading technology and service providers
  • Diverse client base across multiple vertical markets and geographies
  • Experts in platform integration and managing the complexity of multiple channels, devices and operating systems
  • Continual investment in product development and innovation to keep pace with the fast moving digital landscape
  • Comprehensive software portfolio supporting multiple verticals, platforms and devices

Our solution – Interact®. The next generation digital platform

Interact® And What It Offers

  • Fast route to market, more viable option than internally developed technology
  • Pre-integrated to major back offices and third- party solutions
  • Compelling, creative, highly intuitive digital (mobile and online) solutions
  • Interact suite: Apply (Interact Acquire), Servicing (Interact Connect) and Collections (Interact Collect)
  • Single software platform for an innovative, secure, state-of-the-art customer experience
  • Multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-device (smartphone, PC, tablet, smartwatch, Internet of Things, etc.)
  • Multi-brand, multi-language and multi-currency

Interact with your customers. Let your customers “self-serve” and interact with their money.

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How Interact® works

How Interact® works

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Interact Collect Information

Interact Collect – an intuitive, configurable and customer-friendly digital collections platform

Too many collections strategies are stuck in the pre-digital age. Our digital collections solution, however, enables you to offer your customers a personalised approach for managing their debt via their channel of choice. It doesn’t matter whether they prefer to engage with you online or through their mobile, our digital collection solution makes payment convenient, discreet and non-confrontational. Our technology is proven to improve the bottom line by moving from a high cost, low response rate to a low cost, high response rate channel.

Interact Collect works with your existing back office and telephone channels to deliver a solution that is quick and easy to install and manage, yet is safe and secure. Interact Collect is a complete and comprehensive standalone collections solution that, thanks to the response web interface, can be used on desktop PCs, tables, smartphones or any other device with an HTML5-compliant web browser. We will make sure you deliver a branded and secure, yet personal, mobile and online customer experience regardless of the channel, device or platform. We understand how critical this is to you.

Interact Collect (Self Servicing) – Business Benefits

Improved debt recovery

  • New channels to engage with customers (increasing popularity of mobile), convenient digital reminders
  • Reclaim more debt that would otherwise be written off (IRO 10% to 20%)
  • Potential to double recovery rates (e.g. 7% to 15%)
  • 24×7 availability with several realistic payment options
  • New tools to allow the debtor to acknowledge (recorded) and resolve their debt
  • More convenient reminders & alerts
  • Faster turnaround of payments

Significantly lower operational cost of recovery (up to 50%)

  • Lower operating expense via self-servicing; less need for calls/letters/DCAs
  • Fewer, shorter calls from contact centre
  • Reduced need for letters or for field agents to visit customer locations

More accurate customer data & insight

  • A fully auditable trail of each customer engagement and an update record on customer details.
  • More effective pre-delinquency approach
  • Better customer education and control

Enhanced customer satisfaction/retention and advocacy of your company
Low intrusion project; quick to market (typically 3 to 4 months)
Continuously evolving platform

Interact Collect (Self Servicing) – Customer Benefits

Less intrusive contact methods, such as mobile and on-line self-service

  • No pressure to speak in public or in earshot of family/friends about difficult financial problems
  • Customers who feel less ‘intruded upon’ are statistically more likely to make debt repayments
  • View and update out of date personal records and contact details

Engaging with customers via their communication channel of choice

  • Low stress, non-confrontational
  • Convenient, 24/7 availability, not restricted to call centre hours
  • Customer experience is the same across any digital device

Ability to make payment at any time

  • Free from the constraints of contact centre opening hours
  • Providing the flexibility to resolve debt issues and discuss personal financial status without the stress of taking the time out of working hours
  • Self-service with convenient ways to pay (e.g. full/partial/regular payment by debit card, transfer etc.)

‘Treating customers fairly’ agenda

  • Collaborative & transparent approach
  • Income & Expenditure (I&E) affordability assessment
  • Developed in association with the Fairbanking Foundation
  • Increased Net Promoter Score

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